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Constituencies with more migrants are less concerned about immigration

Attention preservation notice: for a full listing of constituencies showing their attitude towards immigration, download the spreadsheet When journalists were writing their colour pieces about Clacton last week, one commonly occurring theme was concern about immigration. Residents of Clacton seemed

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Free booklet on constituency opinion

Later today we’ll be presenting some of the results of our project in the House of Commons Library, which were reported on in today’s Times (paywalled). We’ll be discussing opinion estimates on three issues (Euroscepticism, immigration, and redistribution), and hinting

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Clacton is the most Euroskeptic constituency in the UK

On the 28th August, Douglas Carswell defected to the United Kingdom Independence Party and resigned his seat as Conservative MP for Clacton. At the time of writing, Carswell is the prohibitive favourite to win the upcoming by-election. Electoral success has

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